So finally after holding back on it for a while, I just plowed through all 5 of the Walking Dead season 1 episodes. Yep, 1 go of some depressing dark material, yet I remain ok that the world is a nice enough place.

Mostly I've held back because adventure games have never been my cup of tea, due to the lame puzzle logic found in them, and just the game mechanics being fairly simplistic while you mostly watch story.


The Walking Dead doesn't really change much of that impression, often feeling like Heavy Rain down to the terrible walking controls...yet I like it far better than that experience due to the writing, pacing, and what I think sells the game making choices seem meaningful.

People always go on that choices in video games are an illusion, some system that is faking the real thing (also trying to argue that choice should be limitless), but I've always been puzzled by this because...everything in a game is an illusion. The combat, the platforming, they're all systems trying to simulate or fake something they're not due to limitations of tech, and all that matters for fun is they're meaningful enough to BS you well. The systems to make choices in the Walking Dead could be deeper (less binary solutions), and I would like more direct control of my avatar, but the experience was still enjoyable because they made me give a crap about the things the system could effect.


Adventure games always put a focus on story above everything else, but putting more work into letting me have a real effect on that narrative I think is a way the genre could be reinvigorated (at least in my eyes). What do you all think, or is this question too late?

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