PlayStation 4 only gives up to 5GB of RAM to game developers?

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I was curious today when looking over the new Smart Match feature for the Xbox One, when people were saying it still doesn't justify the 3gb of memory dedicated to stuff outside the game itself. People often use this to describe the shortcomings of the Xbox One, and why it will be so outclassed by the PS4. So I wondered how much the OS in the PS4 was going to use, since Sony has been cagey about it.


Then I found this:…

This article surprised me, not just because of the content within it, but that it hadn't been reported yet (at least that I've seen) by sites like Polygon or Kotaku itself. I mean it's kind of a BIG deal, at least compared to other more speculative and less interesting info we've seen thrown at us. It essentially goes against the better image Sony has in minds with core gamers, where there machine dedicates more of itself to games, and less to other background stuff that isn't the game.


Going further, the reported baseline of memory dedicated to developers for games is 4.5gb, even less than the Xbox One itself. They mention "flexible memory", and future streamlining of the OS to reduce memory cost...but this is still actual important news that paints a different picture of Sony. Not just tech spec news, but news that Sony is dipping just as hard into making their console do all these other tasks outside of just running a game in front of you, and that what we've seen their OS do comes at a cost. It represents the truth these boxes are both aiming to some extent to be multi-purpose living room devices, than just your dedicated gaming machine.

I just wanted to share this with people, what do you all think?

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