Honestly I do think Destiny learned from Borderlands 2, because they have the same boring limitations of those games' classes. One main class defining ability, though they're less varied than Borderlands, but the rest of the progression is like every Borderlands game...just a bunch of minor changes and stat tweaks… » 3/03/15 8:44pm Yesterday 8:44pm

Well you can easily build a computer for that price range to beat a console, since frankly low-end GPUs have outerperformed the PS4 in benchmarked multi-platform games. People tend to exaggerate what you need to beat a console, since they equate maxing out or recommended specs with what is needed to run console spec. » 3/03/15 7:29pm Yesterday 7:29pm

Yep, Bulletstorm was one of my favorite shooters last gen, especially the further you get into the game. While later tutorials are more organic in how they're constructed, the initial ones I think were pretty poor. They really restrict you in some bad ways, but once you unlock the leech...it's all increasingly… » 3/02/15 12:57pm Monday 12:57pm

Not saying you have to enjoy it, but why others do seems pretty obvious to em. People play it because the game has a high skill ceiling to work towards, a HUGE variety of champions and item builds to play, and with teamwork generates a ton of possible unexpected emergent moments. » 2/27/15 2:02pm Friday 2:02pm