Red Faction: Guerrilla – A Last-Gen Hero in Destruction

When a new video game generation begins, one of the common desires beyond just improved graphics, is that physics will become more immersive and complex. I think this hope stems from our desire to have more sophisticated ways to interact with our world, and a lot of how we do that is driven by all the math going on… »10/27/13 8:52pm10/27/13 8:52pm

PlayStation 4 only gives up to 5GB of RAM to game developers?

I was curious today when looking over the new Smart Match feature for the Xbox One, when people were saying it still doesn't justify the 3gb of memory dedicated to stuff outside the game itself. People often use this to describe the shortcomings of the Xbox One, and why it will be so outclassed by the PS4. So I… »7/30/13 5:46pm7/30/13 5:46pm