Bit funny to hear a Far Cry 4 dev say that when Far Cry 3 had the most linear and cinematic story missions down to "leaving the mission area" notifications, QTEs and turret sections. I mean I'm happy to see them going against that, because Far Cry is at its best being the dynamic emergent encounters using that… » 10/25/14 8:17pm Yesterday 8:17pm

The last one would be Shadow Warrior (2013), a game that I only decided on a whim to buy a bit after it came out because I got a Steam coupon for it. Thought it would just be a mediocre throw-back shooter that gave me a dose of the 90s, which it did, but with FAR better execution than I expected. » 10/25/14 2:46am Yesterday 2:46am

Gotta go with moderation on anything, though it's sad the addiction couldn't at least go to a better game than Clash of Clans. It's an RTS with all the fun taken out, because you just command unit placement on the field, and sit back to watch the result....yay fun. » 10/21/14 4:01pm Tuesday 4:01pm