If you can't articulate why you don't like something, then you're not contributing anything to the conversation, just whining. The thing that bothers me the most are when people are negative to lots of games, and then say barely anything good ever comes out each year. Being that pessimistic just mystifies me, and of… » 1/31/15 8:23pm Yesterday 8:23pm

Had saved up money in my coin sorter, and ended up having enough to buy myself Grey Goo this week. I'd been excited to play the game, enough that I'm foolishly adding stuff to my backlog...cause I did get Dying Light the week before because of a Greenmangaming 25% off deal. Outside the Homeworld remakes, I'm done… » 1/31/15 7:48pm Yesterday 7:48pm

Viewing distance really does have a weird effect on performance, and cranking it all the way down doesn't even downgrade the visual experience much in a noticeable way. Even weirder is that cranking it down to the lowest possible setting, it's still showing you higher detailed assets (especially the trees) in the… » 1/31/15 7:27pm Yesterday 7:27pm

Well it's really just levels of trivializing the subject. In Bioware's setup you have conversation, then build to sex, and that's it. In the Witcher 1, you bed them, and then get a trading card...which gives off the vibe (intentional or not) those women are collectible things instead of people. » 1/28/15 7:56pm Wednesday 7:56pm

That's pretty terrible, though I wonder if a decent portion are repeated or even dummy accounts just continuing to harass her. There has been some weird stuff around the gamergate thing from people that are programming-savvy, and it's not hard to muck with Twitter. » 1/27/15 8:29pm Tuesday 8:29pm